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"I want to start off by saying WOW! This program is simply amazing and is the answer to all NEW and SEASONED writers everywhere! I have now found a solution to my problem! This program is realistic and applicable! I can truly see myself using this program to assist in my writing for children’s books." 

- Shanea Calhoun

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"Kyle breaks down strategies to not only decide on a topic, through examining your personal successes and failures, but he also provides insight on ways to ensure that your book is filled with value. He uses original acronyms and detailed examples to ultimately bring his concepts to life, in a way that’s truly captivating and easy to follow."

- Kiana Williams
"Before taking this course, I wanted to write a book but was discouraged and unsure. This course has not only instilled confidence within me to tell my story, but it provided action steps that have made the process easy. Following the action steps, I have been able to productively begin the writing process, and I am ahead of schedule for my first edits. Kyle also provides details on how to get your book published in a cost-effective way and marketing techniques.

- Chantel Grier
"I have so much trouble from getting from point a to point z, even though I know how it is suppose to look. The way Kyle broke down the process of writing my book was genius, efficient and truly helpful. I feel much more confident now moving into the process." 

- Lauren Ross
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